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WE PROVIDE THE 5 lowest collection rate bids

We’re sure your visit to our innovative prime debt recovery website today will provide your company with great dividends in the way you select a commercial collections agency and also provide your company with low discounted collection rates by using our prime debt listing service and collection system. Your boss will be thrilled! A lower than traditional collection rate means that you get more of your collected customer debt with less of your money going to the collection agency.
One huge advantage of doing business with Best Rate Collections, LLC (BRC) is that you, the client, are in complete control of choosing which of our top performing collection agencies will attempt to collect your company’s problem customer debt. The BRC prime debt recovery service provides a solution for you with the 5 lowest collection rate bids submitted by our Member Agencies. You choose the agencies that you wish to communicate with because our member agencies don’t know your contact information during the bidding process or during BRC’s internal messaging system.


STEP 1: Complete the account creation form.

No debtor ID information is revealed during the bidding process within our debt listing service. Debtor ID information is only revealed from you to your chosen BRC Member agency who will then begin collection efforts.

STEP 2: Pay a small service/listing fee (reimbursed back to you)

Once your account is created, you’ll be prompted to pay a small listing fee (reimbursed back to your company by the collection agency that you select online to collect your prime customer debt).

NOTE: BRC guarantees this refund; to validate your guarantee you must choose a collection agency and then indicate your choice online in your account on our website.

Service fee: 1% in $5,000 increments ($50 for debt $1,000-$5,000, etc.) & based on the amount your customer debt totals per listing visit to BRC.

STEP 3: List your company’s problem debt on the BRC auction bid board.

Within a short time, your account will start receiving member agency collection rate bids! We’ll display the 5 lowest bid rates and the contact information of those agencies in your BRC account.

Over the 10 day bidding period, we’ll continue to display the 5 lowest collection rates as they come in. Even though the bidding period is 10 days, your company will have 30 days from the listing date to place your problem debt with one of our top performing member agencies.

10 reasons why you should list your company’s Problem Prime Debt on BRC’s auction bid board!

1. Your net cost to list your company’s problem debt is zero and it’s guaranteed by BRC. However, it is required that you choose one of our Member Agencies (through your online account) to validate your guarantee.

2. Our bid board saves you time and provides the best way to get the lowest collection rate.

3. You have the added benefit of letting collection agencies review your debt parameters who have or may have above average experience collecting debt in specific industries.

4. The collection agency’s contact information (of the 5 lowest bids) is revealed to you but your contact information is not revealed to the collection agencies. Only the BRC Member collection agency that you chose to place your problem debt with will have your contact information.

5. You also have the advantage of true anonymous communications with our internal messaging system. The collection agency can answer you questions but your identity is not revealed to them.

6. You’re participating in BRC’s auction process which is the truest form of the free market.

7. You now have a great reason NOT to have phone conversations with sales people from collection agencies who call you unexpectedly. You can now tell them that you’ve BRC’d your problem debt!

8. We only have the top performing agencies in our collection agency network. This means you have an increased chance of actually recovering money that’s owed to your company and at a lower than standard rate.

9. Once your debt is placed with any commercial collection agency for debt collection, your problem debt is no longer considered “Prime Debt” throughout the commercial collections industry. Once a debt is no longer considered prime debt, collection rate percentages go up because of the increased effort it takes to collect the debt.

10. Please remember how important it is to place your problem debt with a top performing collection agency as doing this gives your company the best chance to actually recover your customer debt.

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