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Collection Agencies

WE PROVIDE Member Agencies with the opportunity to bid for verified prime debt to collect (BRC) provides Member Agencies with the opportunity to bid for verified prime debt to collect. We accept applications from top performing Commercial Collection Agencies to become Member Agencies, providing prime debt sales leads and new commercial customers for your business.

The cost incurred by commercial collection agencies to obtain new client prime debt continues to become more expensive because of the sales cost of agency sales teams, the changing operations of client accounts receivables departments along with continued competition from commercial collection agencies for b2b debt sales leads.

Best Rate Collections, LLC is changing the way both Clients and Agencies place and receive bad debt accounts. Agency Owners, General Managers and Sales Managers that review the sales numbers of their respective sales teams on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, will immediately see the cost savings and be rewarded with new client debt with BRC Services.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your top performing agency with the benefits of becoming a BRC Member Agency.

To apply for a BRC Member Agency bidding account, please click here.


STEP 1: Clients list their B2B commercial prime bad debt accounts with BRC for a small listing fee.

STEP 2: The bad debt is posted to the BRC bid board which allows Member Agencies to bid on the listed debts and earn new collection customers.

STEP 3: The 5 lowest bids for the listed prime debt are given to the client who selects the agency to collect their listed bad debt accounts. The agency that is awarded the collection assignment will reimburse the client’s small BRC listing fee within 10 days of the placement date.

BRC takes pride in the fairness of our business to business debt bid board system that helps member collection agencies secure new prime debt sales leads for their business. Before you become an active member and are able to bid on new client debt with us, you must agree to adhere to the Member Agency Ethics Rules section of our website terms of use.

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